Burning Ague

We Love What We Do

Burning Ague is a clone delivery service located in the Northern Bay Area. Here at Burning Ague, when we think of clones, we immediately think of genetics. We have been doing this long before the legalization of Cannabis in California. Our medical customers have helped us grow to what we are today. Every clone we trim, we think about the traits and the genetics that will be passed on to our customers. We go through a long process of testing each strain we offer making sure you are getting exactly what you pay for. We only take the best looking cuts from some of our best looking mother plants. We understand the characteristics of each strain and when we select the mother plant, we look for those dominant characteristics that make up each strain. Genetics is a big deal to us, but we also know how to produce healthy and high quality clones. We only choose the best cuts and if there is a defect or are issues, we terminate the clone immediately, rather than trying to fix it. We only want to sell clones that we are proud of and would grow or buy ourselves. We are very knowledgeable and our expertise goes far beyond cloning. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or feedback.

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